Light and how it affects the subject matter plays an important part in my work. Pastels are an ideal medium when you work directly from natural surroundings. The Mediterranean experience has inspired many of my pastels of olive trees and views of Kyrenia Harbour, Northern Cyprus, and I have been stimulated by the morning and evening light and shadows there and how they affect the colour. The high-definition light during the Finnish summer has given an entirely new dimension to my pastels depicting Nordic forest and lake views.

I have always held a fascination for dramatic seascapes and skies during different seasons and feel challenged in my seascapes to bring into my pastel seascapes the dynamic sense of movement and power it gives me.

I enjoy integrating figures of people into my pastel seascapes of sailing boats and fishing boats.

Pastels of beach scenes with children form a major part of my recent work. I have been commissioned to paint numerous pastel portraits, mainly of children but also of adults, pastel being an excellent medium for portraits.

My range of subjects also includes portraits of animals and pastel still life.